On this site the a theory of causal interactions between particles shall be presented. Various problems, ideas and results regarding a theory of quantum gravity are discussed. The goal is not only to unify gravity and quantum mechanics, but also doing this in way that reduces the number of axioms being necessary to derive each of the two theories. Furthermore the setup could allow the further derivation of natural constants and other physical effects from this basic theory of quantum gravity.

It might look too ambitious to regard all these questions at the same time. But unfortunately these problems are stronly interlinked and it might be much harder or unreasonable to treat a subset of them independently. Furthermore within this approach the simultanous treatment is simplified due to the clear and axiomatic structure of the causal interaction theory.

Regarding as many questions as possible at the same time increases the chance of ruling out wrong models. Maybe the treatment of a subset of questions works perfectly in a framework, but including one more question would be absolutely impossible. So before before doing arbitrary calculations up to a high order we try to figure out first if in principle all calculations could be done in the long run. At least for some chapters mathematically rigorous results have already been obtained.